We specialize in acquisition of below market residential, multi-family commercial properties (apartment buildings) and businesses. We add appreciation value to real estate with strategic renovations, and either resell the properties earning an above average market profit for our firm and funding partners or hold the apartment buildings for profitable cash flow. Our funding partners and private money lenders provide the money for acquiring and renovating the properties. The resulting profits are shared. We treat our partner’s money more conservatively then if it were our own.

This home has sold. Contact Us Now and we will find you a great deal on the home you want where you want to live. 

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This home has been sold.  Contact Us Now and we will find you a great deal on the home you want where you want to live. 

We will acquire companies where our business turnaround expertise will result in a substantial growth in profit in 18-24 months. We require the seller to remain as part of the management team during the turnaround period and in return received a negotiated percentage of return plus pay for maintaining a mutually agreeable lifestyle during the turnaround period.

WE are uniquely positioned to acquire companies or joint venture with owners of businesses where there is an opportunity for strengthening profit performance and market share. Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner is a Business Turnaround Expert. He continues to strengthen his network of experienced professionals and funding sources that positions his firm for fast closing and performance turnarounds.

What makes us unique in addition to our real estate investment expertise and deal track record  is that we have a continually expanding group of funding partners, private money lenders and other real estate investors who help us find great deals. Outside of the Tampa, Florida market our umbrella company US Real Estate Partners manages the real estate investment business. Currently we are most active in the Chicago, Illinois and Philadelphia, Pa. markets and soon expanding into additional select markets in support of our growing real estate investment property partner group. Our philosophy for real estate and company deals is simple” if the deals are not below market value”  we simply don’t acquire them.

Send Us Your Deals

Tampa Capital Partners is requesting property deals from brokers, agents, wholesalers, and bird dogs. We are very interested in single family homes and commercial real estate (apartment buildings, self-storage and mobile home parks.) Please note our profit target described below.  To submit a that you feel will meet our profit criteria, please Click Here to email us all relevant information including:

MLS listing if available
Pictures if not on the MLS
Your complete contact information.

Companies For Sale, Business Turnaround, Capital Requests

Email Details (Click Here) To Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner or
Call Steve directly at 727-587-7871

Funding Partners 

Tampa Capital Partners is currently expanding our group of funding partners as there are no shortage of buyers and properties when the pricing is favorable. Becoming a funding partner offers a secure, solid opportunity that provides surprisingly favorable returns. You are invited you to consider this opportunity.

This is neither an offering of securities for sale nor a solicitation of offers to purchase securities. Securities may only be offered and sold in compliance with relevant state and federal securities laws and regulations, either by exemption or regulation.

Our business model offers you the opportunity to have your funds working for you while we do all the transaction work. Funding partner money:

  • Is secured buy the property or business assets purchased
  • Offers above average rate of returns
  • Has a low risk…we only make money when you do

Competitive Advantages

We only recommend properties for funding that have met our profit criteria. We have strategic relationships with market experts who identify these properties and who are confident there are buyers.

Other key relationships we have developed include renovation teams and property management teams when there are properties purchased by end use buyers for cash flow rental income.

Profit Targets

Tampa Capital Partners is the Project Partner. US Real Estate Partners is the managing partner of the funding partner group. The source of funds is the Funding Partner and there can be Private Money or “hard money” in the deal. Funding Partner money will only be committed upon written approval from the Funding Partner. Upon acceptance of an offer and subsequent close the appropriate legal documents will evidence the property secures the money being funded. When the property is sold the Funding Partners receive return of capital first then a complete accounting of the transaction costs and profit calculation.

The targeted profit per real estate deal where we are reselling the property is 20% of the total acquisition cost in 120 days or less.(Our business turnaround and real estate buy and hold profit formulas are different.) Net profit is shared by the Funding Partner Group and Property Partner. Each deal is evaluated separately and recommendations with profit projections higher and lower that profit target will be submitted to Funding Partners. Again offers cannot are never closed  without approval of the Funding Partner Group.

Profit Calculation:

Net Selling Price –Total Acquisition Cost = Profit

Net Selling Price = Contract price – selling expenses (mostly real estate commissions).

Acquisition Cost = Unit purchase price + renovation cost + holding costs + management fee.

For more information please check out some of the examples of properties in the Tampa Bay Market on this site and additional properties at US Real Estate Partners. Contact Steve Pohlit by email or phone at your convenience for additional assistance with questions, real estate investment or business acquisition opportunities.


Trump1Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
Tampa Capital Partners
US Real Estate Partners 

Steve is CPA, an International Business Building and Turnaround Expert and founder of a successful Real Estate investment Firm . He has developed an extensive network of real estate investors finding profitable deals and sources of funding partners with capital ranging from $100,000 to over $5 million. Steve has an International base of clients who are coached on the development of business models including real estate investment, wholesale distribution, retail and professional services. Click Here for more information on Steve’s background and library of more than 400 articles where Steve shares his expertise.

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  2. Cynthia Vittore

    I am interested and speaking with your group soon. I am in a situation with Ocwen Mortgage that wants me to choose to pick a Loan Mod., Short Sale, or Deed-in-lieu. Due to my disabilities, (M.S. & Lupus) I am very limited and my limitations became much worse after a severe stroke, that follows with mini-strokes. Back in September 2014, my husband was a passenger of a vehicle on his way home from work when they were broad-sided. He was injured and can no longer work. Our family is despite living off my ssdi. My husbands auto medical is now running out and we don’t have the funds for him to continue treatment that he needs, or surgery. his medcaide has $1,500.00 co-payment deductible. His symptoms are getting worse. So as you can see I cant afford a short sale or deed-in-lieu.
    I pray you can open your heart and help us as our family has not seen happiness, a smile, just a future of doom. The type of doom you have when you wake up and say why?
    I hope this letter reaches you for you to read and dosnt get pushed aside.
    Thank you for your time
    Cynthia Vittore 727-841-7347
    location of property 5538 Indiana Ave, New Port Richey, Fl 34652


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